Video and Pictures Uploads

The program i wanted to use for you to upload files is not as practical for use as I had hoped.
Therefore, I hope this will make it easier for everyone.

If you have VIDEOS-OR-PICTURES on your phone or computer you can send them to me in several ways:

                                               1. In person.
                                               2. LINE - send them to me on the LINE app from your phone or tablet.
                                               3. EMAIL - email them to me here: VIDEO@WALTANDCHUCK. com

If you have real, PAPER pictures, send them to me through the US MAIL.
Send them "PRIORITY MAIL" at any regular US POST OFFICE.
The boxes are free - the cost is cheap - the packages are TRACKABLE.

                                              Send them to my official mailbox (it is a UPS store - they will be safe there):
                                                      Dan Morgan
                                                      2034 E. Lincoln Ave.
                                                      Box 184
                                                      Anaheim, CA 92806

I will protect them, scan them and send them back to you right away.

All the videos and pictures are YOUR PROPERTY, they will still belong to you & you still own the copyright to them.

All items you mail to me for this website WILL be returned back to you, quickly and in the same condition you sent them to me..

Thank You for your participation.{jcomments off}