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Walter "Walt" Ulriksen

November 5, 1940 - March 28, 2016


The biography of 'Walt' is not what this page is about, although it may be included later as I piece the story together more thoroughly. Anyone who wishes to contribute to this is more than welcome.

This page is (primarily) here to display the videos and the pictures we have of Walt, images included in the video montage and many more images that were NOT included as well.

The thumbnail images will be clean but any images downloaded will have a copyright watermark embedded in the image, (because they do not belong to you).  Many images are from my personal archives and many more images are digital images of old paper pictures that belong to Walt's family - I am merely acting as the caretaker of the digital versions of the paper pictures.

If you want the full size digital image (without watermarks), then contact me and I will get it for you (if appropriate).

If you have images you want to ADD to this tribute, there is an upload page where you can add them; talk with me and I will integrate them into this site ASAP in a design and format you agree with.

This is all about Walt & remembering him in the best way we can.


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Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. -Norman Cousins

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