What Is This Site About?


This site is all about the memories of two good men, who were instrumental in creating our family.


'Walt', is credited as being the founder of this wonderful family.   It was Walt who met the girls originally, married Kamon and then helped get the other girls here.  It was Walt who brought Kamon to America, It was Walt who introduced Tookie to his friend Don Dawson & it was Kamon who introduced 'Chuck' to Pen so he could marry Pen & bring Pen to America.    If Walt had not taken that job, none of us would know each other and who knows how each of our lives would have gone.  

All of us, have been touched, affected & influenced by the greatness of this family to the point that we have all stayed close as a family despite all the things that come and gone between us.

This site is a tribute to their memories, because no matter what people say or thought or felt, they were men with good hearts and they deserve to be remembered dearly - that is what this site is about.

If you agree with this, then look around in here, hopefully you will enjoy & appreciate this site.

If you disagree with this - then go back to Google because you are not worthy of our time.