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Walter "Walt" Ulriksen

This page contains all the galleries & pictures of 'Walt'.

Each gallery has no more than 50 images - just to make it easier.

Each image in all these galleries are LOW resolution and WATERMARKED to prevent people from taking and using them innapropriately.

If you want HI resolution pictures, UN-watermarked pictures please contact Dan Morgan to get a login, members who login can see the SAME galleries in HI-resolution with NO watermarkings & they are downloadable as well.

CD's & DVD's of the videos and pictures are available (at cost, no profit).{jcomments off}


LOW Resolution & Watermarked Picture Galleries - Click Here

LOW Resolution Video - 480p (phone version) - Click here

HI Resolution Picture Galleries - Click Here (Website Login Required)

HD Videos - 720p 5GB & 1080p 9GB - Click Here (Website Login Required)